About us

The purpose of the portal is to ensure transparency regarding the locations of collection items from colonial contexts in German cultural heritage institutions. This portal offers you unprecedented access to collection items of ethnological, natural history, historical, artistic and art historical interest that were acquired from territories under formal colonial rule or from areas in which informal colonial structures prevailed. 

The portal is intended primarily for people and organisations from the states and communities from which the collection items originated, for representatives of diaspora communities and for civil society actors. In addition, the portal helps researchers all over the world to reconstruct the colonial contexts in which these collection items were acquired. 

Ensuring transparency regarding the treatment of collections from colonial contexts is an important aspect of our common post-colonial memory culture. With this in mind, the portal is intended as an invitation to engage in dialogue and as a contribution to addressing the colonial past. You will find more information about the portal and how it was set up on the  FAQ page.

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